dragonsdisciple (dragonsdisciple) wrote,

We Came, We Bitched, They Heard...sort of

Apparently LJ has pretty much listened to the outcry and has spoken to us at last

For some wise and oh so true commentary on this do check out the words of technosage over HERE--a bit of which is quoted beow.

Since I didn't say it outright, let me say it now: 6A as a business has the right to make the decision not to give me a platform to write whatever I want. If they decide not to, I'm not suggesting they've done anything illegal or unfair. I just want to know now and not sixth months from now when someone else gets suspended or deleted.

Business is really what it's all about and I'm sure 99.999 % of us who use this place would agree that business has the right to run their company any way they damn well please. And as all business folk know superior customer service is a must!

Advice to LJ: TELL people upfront what you will and will not accept on your site. You want to change the rules at a later date? Well that sucks but hey, it's your business you are the Ruler of the Realm but TELL people FIRST before doing a hatchet job on them.

HOWEVER when Big Brother

Another issue we needed to deal with was journals that used a thin veneer of fictional or academic interest in events and storylines that include child rape, pedophilia, and similar themes in order to actually promote these activities. While there are stories, essays, and discussions that include discussion of these issues in an effort to understand and prevent them, others use a pretext to promote these activities. It’s often very hard to tell the difference. As such, we intended to have suspend reported journals that do not clearly and substantially object to these a reasonable person would think supported these activities. while at the same time portraying them.

Yeah that "reasonable person" and their standards is interesting to say the least. Hell, I think I'm a reasonable person with superior morals. I'm a parent who would do whatever it takes to protect kids from any and all harm.

But by the same token I'm part of the writing team that squicked every single editor at a respected company by writing dark and dirty hotmansex. I have written incestuous fiction and not batted an eye about it except when asked to modify the relationship to make a sale.

There is no "reasonable" person whose standards will not piss off or persecute a large number of others whose only crime is a vivid imagination and way with words and art materials. Creativity in all its forms is not a crime. I refuse to be lumped in with those who are the truly evil real world molesters and abusers because I choose to use the talent God gave me and the freedom of speech good men and women have died for that helped me improve my writing skills by reading works that would surely be banned in less tolerant countries.

So long live the pornish_pixies and brokenboys and everyone else who was a victim of this misguided, ill-thought out purge. I hope you all come back better than ever.

In conclusion: Am I the only one who finds it ironic and funny as hell that the most twisted pornish fic comes from the under 18 crowd the do-gooders so want to "protect"?
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