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The Poisoned Dragon

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From authors Barbara Sheridan and Anne Cain, the Dragon's Disciple is a series of dark fantasy yaoi (m/m) novels set in universe were demons hunt for blood and immortals walk the earth. From Feudal era Japan to modern day San Francisco, enter a world where the nights are darker and passions run deeper...

Blood Brothers by Barbara Sheridan and Anne Cain

Blood Brothers, available now

In feudal Japan, war and famine tear through the countryside, and demons lurk in the darkness. Two young men struggle together on the outskirts of a ravaged village: the strong yet kind Liu Sakurai and his beloved gentle hearted Kiyoshi. And as their friendship endures the endless hardships, their bond grows into something more.

When the summer night brings a mysterious stranger to their door, the most dangerous desires of their dreams and nightmares are awakened. Blood now binds Kiyoshi and Sakurai together where once love did, but can this tie last an eternity?

Soul of the Night, Available now from Samhain Publishing
The truth of his vampiric nature a carefully guarded secret, Kiyoshi Ishibe wanders alone in the shadow of the past. Banished from Edo in disgrace, the once famous kabuki actor Ryuhei Nakamura also journeys in loneliness. Both souls find one another in the night, each man filling the emptiness of the other.

But temptation and desire brings out the worst in Kiyoshi, triggering a fascination with the blood of a killer known as the Poisoned Dragon. As this interest quickly spirals into an obsession, everything Kiyoshi and Ryuhei have come to treasure is in danger of being lost...forever... </i>

Winter Song Available now from Loose-ID LLC

Members of the Japanese rock band ChildsPrey have everything they ever wanted, but for guitarists Jun Doi and Koji Takasoto, the nights this winter are long and empty...can they find the love they've been longing for in each other? A teaser prequel to Orange Moon.

Orange Moon,Available now from LooseId, LLC

Pop idol Hideki Sakae struggles to fine tune the tracks on his first solo album, but setbacks keep his dream of hitting the top of the charts from becoming a reality. When a chance meeting brings the influential rockers of ChildsPrey to the aid of the rising pop star, Hideki finds that the chemistry between himself and famed bassist Toru doesn't end in the studio...

The Dragon's Disciple, Available now form Liquid Silver Books

Forbidden love and repressed desires of the past and present linger in the atmosphere of San Francisco’s Chinatown. Dao Kan Shu, a Chiang-Shih, a vampire, hunts under the cover of darkness, his lust for blood and the craving of a once mortal heart awakened by an art student, Ken Ohara. Drawn to a hot new nightspot Ken discovers that his own hidden past is bound to that of the club’s owner known throughout the Chinese underworld as The Poisoned Dragon. Fascinated by Shu’s dark world Ken is soon caught in a dangerous web of triad societies, blood lust and a strange relationship he can barely begin to understand.

Fine Arts professor Leigh Gachelsing, tormented since childhood with visions and spirits, discovers a link from the mysterious club owner to Chinatown’s violent past where two assassins feared as demons once hunted the streets. He joins Ken’s advisor Magda Silivasi who is determined to save her student before he is lost to the echoes of a past life and the deadly embrace of a vampire

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